inCASOdiVINTAGE was born from the passion for vintage watches and the whole world around them, a unique lifestyle, made of research fueled by curiosity towards those past eras that gave rise to unique challenges, the charm of finding intact all inside a case with more than 50 years of age, tiny and fragile parts of a timeless mechanism, has always fascinated anyone who came across one of these great collection pieces.

The desire to wear a unique, refined garment with a great meaning fueled by a great passion is the reason that helps us create the INCASODIVINTAGE collections. Limited series, sewn or printed by hand, make the INCASODIVINTAGE creations unique ..

wear on the road that takes you to the beach, at sunrise or sunset, or even for an informal aperitif, or just around the house .. communicating a passion is talking about you!

the first printed graphic was the arrow USED TO INDICATE THE SECOND TIME ZONE, taking inspiration from a 1979 model of a private collection, we were inspired by the reflections of that lived steel, the glassy edges of the plexi glass, the depth of the dial with his life lived, the thought always goes to who may have worn it, how far it has gone before reaching the wrist that wears it today.

As one of the explorers who started climbing Everest in 53 ', with a Rolex Oyster on his wrist, we started this adventure

unaware of what's on the top, but sure of the passion we have to share with those like us who are explorers of life ..

follow us to stay informed about upcoming creations and new graphics!